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            I am a Multimedia Design & Communication student at Cphbusiness. I am passionate about what I do and always eager to learn more.

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    & Illustration

    I am constantly improving my skills in Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. Also, I am drawn by the world of photography and I am trying to apply these software traits to the art.

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    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL.

About me


      I am Veselin Velkov and I am a student at the Copenhagen Business Academy where I am studying Multimedia Design & Communication.

I am passionate about photography, web design and technologies. As an MMD student, I am actively trying to further develop my passions into professionalism and make my hobby my profession, which will both satisfy me and will reach others through modern technologies.

As a multimedia designer, I communicate using different methods and tools with the user. I use the symbolism of colors, design, interactive animations, the content of the product, images and videos. My studies at CphBusiness have further taught me how to find the exact target group I am communicating to and deduce and apply the best communication method for that group of users.

Alongside my studies at the Copenhagen Business Academy, I am pursuing a second degree at the Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" (located in Bulgaria) where I am studying International Economic Relations. The course mostly focuses on Macro and Micro-economy, management, international laws, sociology, and statistics. My studies give me further insight into the inner workings of a company and how to grow and maintain a business in a competitive international marketplace.

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My Portfolio

Scroll trough my works. Here you can see a collection of the designs and products I have created
both for CphBusiness and as personal assignemnts to improve my skills as a multimedia designer.

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